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Borgo Bastia Creti in Umbria – Wedding Photo

Outdoor Religious Ceremony Among Olive Trees

Borgo Bastia Creti in Umbria – A luxury wedding venue

Borgo Bastia Creti is one of the most sought after and cured wedding venues in Umbria, Italy.
For years I have been making wedding photoshoots and not only in this beautiful structure immersed in the green Umbrian hills.

In this article, I’ll tell you about a beautiful couple from Dubai who chose Borgo Bastia Creti not only for their wedding day but also for Stuart’s surprise proposal.
In fact, the previous year I met the guys with the excuse of knowing each other and, during a small shooting, Stuart surprised Vita with the marriage proposal.

Borgo Bastia Creti is highly sought after as a wedding venue in fact also many Tuscan wedding planners recommend it to their couples.

Personally, I believe that from this structure you can admire one of the most beautiful sunsets on the Umbrian hills ever.

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Borgo Bastia Creti

One of the strengths of Borgo Bastia Creti is undoubtedly its green part.
A very large well-kept olive grove extends in front of the facade and descends softly on one side of the hill. On this side, the sun sets and it is one of the most beautiful and atmospheric places in Umbria to celebrate your outdoor wedding.

Vita and Stuart, in fact, celebrated their wedding among the olive trees of Borgo Bastia Creti, surrounded by friends and relatives. An intimate ceremony with a moved groom.
The beauty of celebrating an outdoor wedding in such a beautiful place is the possibility, for the bride and the father, to walk together on a long path through the green trees before reaching the location of the ceremony.
This allows, among other things, to make many truly unique and exciting photographs.

The arrival of the Bride is, in fact, one of the strongest moments of the whole wedding day and deserves special attention from the photographer.
With the great experience I have gained in Borgo Bastia Creti, I know many corners along the path to take, almost secretly, some of the most exciting photographs that a Bride can desider on the wedding day.

Creative Wedding photos among the olive trees

The couple photographs moment, many times, is a cause for concern, especially for the Groom. In fact, you are not always comfortable in front of the camera and the brides are usually the most breezy.
Again, the experience of many years of high level wedding photography helps us.

Making the most of the open spaces and a breathtaking sunset, the couple’s photos are always relaxed and spontaneous.

Many times a simple walk in intimacy is enough to create true and suggestive images. And, if you have playful friends around you with soap bubbles, the whole couple photo shoot takes a different flavour.

Infrared wedding photography

Borgo Bastia Creti, with all its greenery, also offers me a huge space to photograph with the infrared camera.
These are photographs that cannot always be taken and, many times, the difference is made by the green of the trees. Infrared photography in the city is very often not very suitable since the most beautiful effect is obtained by photographing among the nature.
Borgo Bastia Creti offers all the green you want and the infrared photographs taken in this occasion are indeed spectacular.

A very particular First Dance

I remember very well that the day was a dancer with the rain that peeped several times. In fact also the ceremony was postponed for almost an hour until it stopped raining.
Another moment affected by the rain was the dessert buffet and the first dance.
Despite the cutting of the cake was made in the internal courtyard of Borgo Bastia Creti (where dinner is usually hosted with a majestic imperial table) it was decided to prepare the dessert buffet and the dance floor inside the structure.

And so the first dance took place in a very crowded environment that did not allow me to take the photographs that I wanted to take. Fortunately, however, just before I took my leave, I noticed that in the now free external courtyard there were tables with rain water on them reflecting the threads of lights placed above the square.

A truly romantic and suggestive scene that I wanted to exploit with the guys. So I asked them to dance for me on the rhythm of the background music.
The photographs taken on their “second” first dance are simply fabulous.
Experience has once again made a difference!

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