Andrea Cittadini Photography - Destination wedding in Positano

Destination wedding in Positano

My very first destination wedding in 2019 was this incredible day in Positano.
Shooting a wedding photo shoot in Positano is always super exciting. In fact, every time I return to photograph a couple in Positano it is always a new and engaging experience.

This time there was a great difference. I had by my side a super Wedding Planner, Sena for Regency and an exceptional second shooter: Alessio Vissani.
This combination is among the best my studio can offer for a destination wedding and the work done has paid off.

Destination wedding in Positano

Positano is a picturesque town located on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It is known for its stunning views, colorful buildings, and winding streets that lead down to the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This charming town is also considered one of the best places for destination weddings on the Amalfi Coast.

The town of Positano is a romantic and intimate setting for a destination wedding. The beautiful beaches and the rugged coastline provide a stunning backdrop for the ceremony, while the narrow streets and colorful buildings add to the charm and atmosphere of the town. Many couples choose to exchange their vows on the beach, with the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean as their witness.

Amy and Sam decided to get married in Positano after an incredible story. This was even present during their Amalfi coast wedding.
Their flower designer was coming directly from the USA and she did an extraordinary job. It was a pleasure taking photos of her floreal creation.

Wedding planning

Sena has planned a great day, full of surprises. Perfectly coordinated with us photographers, it has allowed everyone to enjoy the magnificent scenery that Positano can offer. At the same time we took some extraordinary photographs in little-known areas of Positano.
The harmony between the wedding planner and photographers, as well as between photographers and videographers, is an often underestimated aspect. Anyway  this is of great importance for the perfect success of the wedding.

After the celebration in the Cathedral, we moved along the characteristic alleys of Positano, searching for the corners that I have found over time and which are always outside the traditional circuit of weddings photographers in Positano.

Finally, we all found ourselves together with a characteristic in overviewing Positano. The owners offered us a typical Amalfi evening with traditional food, wine, dance and music. It was in fact a delightful and dedicated evening family-oriented.

We truly enjoyed taking intimate photos during the speeches. The cutting of a very very traditional wedding cake closes the day.

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