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Elopement at Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat

An intimate Wedding at the Four Season Hotel du Cap Ferrat

Months have passed since this marriage in the Côte d’Azur but I carry it in my heart and will always do.
Two splendid guys, happy and relaxed as I rarely met.

An authentic and engaging positive energy has characterized the day of their elopement on the French Riviera.
A small event with their kid, the celebrant and me as a witness of their love and their “I Do”.

I had the pleasure to know Brandon and Paola on the occasion of their visit to Florence the previous year. During the afternoon I saw a small engagement photo shoot walking through the beautiful alleys of Florence illuminated by the soft sun of the sunset.
You can see here a small extract of their Engagement in Florence.
Also on this occasion, their sparkling spontaneity and joy have strongly characterized all the photographs.

The weather in the Côte d’Azur did not particularly lend itself on the day of their Elopement at Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, forcing us to “B” plan. But what a “B” plan!
The celebration took place in the balcony of a Fours Season suite, overlooking the privete pool. An original location and absolutely at the height of the beauty of the spouses.
And so, between a laugh, a bit of emotion and a bath under the automatic shower of the undersigned who inadvertently actived the automatic start, the guys promised their love.
Their tender kid assisted throughout all the celebration staying lovely close to them.
The vows were blessed by a stupendous rainbow that, peeping through the trees behind Brandon and Paola, foretold the end of the rain and the clear sky.

Right in time for the photo session!

Elopement at Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat – the couple session

In fact, as soon as the celebration ended, a faint sun caught the cloud and gave us the chance of a quick tour to take some of the most beautiful photographs I ever took.
A few steps and we found ourselves on the seashore among surreal white rocks and waves breaking on the rocks.
I invited the spouses to enjoy the moment without paying too much attention to me and so it was. The photographs tell of hugs, romantic kisses and some dance steps reflected in the puddles of water created by the recent rain.

Thank you Paola, Brandon for giving me this wonderful experience!

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