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Engagement in Florence

Photographic engagement session in Florence

Today, I want to share with you a very special engagement in Florence, in a city that never ceases to amaze me with its timeless beauty and vibrant atmosphere. For this occasion, I decided to adopt a different approach, editing all the photographs in black and white, to evoke the atmosphere of an old street reportage. This stylistic choice is not random: I am deeply in love with the reportage style, especially when it is enriched by the poetry of black and white, which knows how to capture the most authentic essence of moments.

Retro-style Engagement in Florence

The couple featured in this shoot shares my passion for the retro charm of reportage, which is why Florence, with its rich historical and artistic heritage, proved to be the ideal backdrop to immortalize their love. Having only one hour to carry out the photo shoot, we made the most of our time, walking along the banks of the Arno, the pulsating heart of the city, and immersing ourselves in its unique atmosphere. Despite the brevity of the encounter, we managed to capture a wide range of shots, both in color and black and white, testifying to the versatility and emotional richness of this wonderful shared moment.

Strolling through the center of Florence

The route chosen for our shoot was a real journey through the wonders of Florence, from its lively streets to the monuments that make it one of the most iconic cities in the world. The Renaissance architecture, framing the daily life of Florentines and the many visitors, offered evocative scenarios for our photographs. From the majestic Duomo, with its imposing dome that marks the city’s skyline, to the Ponte Vecchio, standing over the waters of the Arno as a silent witness to centuries of history, every corner of Florence contributed to making this engagement unforgettable.

The change of outfit along the way, from an elegant black jacket to a refined green dress, added a further touch of class to the photo shoot, allowing us to play with different backgrounds and atmospheres. The spontaneity and naturalness of the couple, together with the magic of Florence, made each shot unique and unrepeatable, capturing not only the outer beauty but also the inner beauty and the intimacy of their bond.

The photo shoot in Florence before the big “YES”

The following year, meeting the couple at the Castello di Vicchiomaggio for their Indian wedding in Tuscany added a new chapter to this wonderful love story. This experience reminded me once again why I deeply love wedding and engagement photography: every story is a universe in its own right, full of emotions, beauty, and unique moments, just waiting to be told through the lens of a camera. In conclusion, this “engagement in Florence” was not just a photo shoot, but a journey into the heart of one of the most fascinating cities in the world, discovering love in all its shades.

Are you thinking of treating yourself to an engagement photo shoot in Florence?

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