Andrea Cittadini Photography - Engagement photographer in Positano

Engagement photographer in Positano

A beautiful couple from Singapore and an amazing location as Positano, in Amalfi Coast. These are the ingredients of this wonderful engagement photo shoot in Italy.

This engagement photo shoot was my first in this amazing Italian area as an engagement photographer in Positano.
As usual, when I don’t know the territory in which I will have to do a photo shoot, I went the day before for a thorough inspection.
This walk through the narrow streets of Positano allowed me to become familiar with the territory and the views. I understanded the sunlight and where to find it and plan the right timetable to always be in the right place at the right time.

The day after, we walked for about 3 hours far and wide along the streets of this town, making what for me remains one of the most beautiful photo shoots of engagement in Positano ever.

We also had time to take some infrared photographs that have remained in my portfolio for years and that are, to date, unrepeatable.
Many free areas, over the years in fact, have been absorbed by the bathing establishments and umbrellas hinder and disturb the view over Positano.

This photograph inspired one of Umbria’s most talented writers, Mirko Revoyera. He wrote a story based on the feelings this photograph suggested to him.
We then created a unique work with my photograph and his handwritten text.
The work is part of the art collection “Fotografite”. It has been exhibited for the first time in Spoleto and only a few months at Palazzo della Penna in Perugia.

I truly enjoyed to be the engagement photographer in Positano for this amazing couple! 🙂
Take few minutes to enjoy this beautiful photos!

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