Italy engagement photographer


Italy, with its breathtaking landscapes, historic cities, and vibrant culture, provides the perfect backdrop for couples looking to capture their love story. I’m an italian engagement photographer who often travels to reach couples wherever their love takes them.
I offer a unique blend of photojournalism and intimate portraiture to celebrate your engagement, anniversary or just a memorable trip together.

Engagement sessions in Italy

Engagement sessions in Italy are imbued with romance and intimacy. This country’s rich history and breathtaking landscapes offer an unparalleled setting to celebrate your commitment. Whether it’s a serene moment in the Tuscan countryside or a passionate embrace by the Venetian canals, Italy provides the perfect canvas to paint your love story.

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Italy engagement photographer

Surprise proposal: a moment to remember forever

Planning a surprise proposal in Italy adds an extra layer of magic to your special photo session. With a myriad of romantic settings, from the Amalfi Coast’s cliffside villages to Rome’s ancient ruins, Italy offers the perfect stage for popping the question.
I’ll help you plan and discreetly capture the moment your lives change forever, ensuring you have a beautiful, tangible memory of your proposal. I’m an engagement photographer and I am well aware of the amount of attention and emotion behind a marriage proposal

Couple photoshoot in Italy

A professional photoshoot in Italy isn’t just about taking beautiful pictures. It’s about embracing an authentic Italian experience.
Imagine walking through ancient streets, exploring hidden gems and capturing your love amidst Italy’s stunning scenery.
I offer more than just my camera skills as your photographer. I become your local guide, curating the perfect route to include both iconic sights and secret spots, ensuring your photoshoot is nothing short of magical.

Emotional photographer in Italy

What sets me apart as an Italy engagement photographer is my approach to capturing genuine, heartfelt moments.
My photojournalistic style allows me to document your love story authentically, focusing on spontaneous emotions and natural interactions. I strive to make you feel at ease, guiding you gently when needed while keeping the essence of your relationship at the forefront of every shot.


Pricing and Packages

Every love story is unique and so should be your photoshoot. My packages are tailored to meet your individual needs, ensuring you receive a bespoke experience that perfectly captures your relationship. From initial consultation to the final delivery of your images, I’m committed to creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for you.

The package includes:

  • Shooting planning
  • 1 photographer
  • 1 hour up to 2 hours of photoshoot

  • 25+ edited photos
  • Online private gallery for download the images
  • Printing rights

Starting price


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Where to Have an Engagement Photoshoot in Italy

Italy offers endless possibilities for stunning engagement photoshoots. From the rustic charm of the Tuscan countryside to the historic elegance of cities like Florence and Venice, each location offers a unique backdrop for your photos.
I’m here to help you choose the perfect setting that resonates with your personal style and love story.

Emotional Looking for inspiration?

Are you looking for outfit inspiration for your engagement photo shoot in Italy? Check out this Pinterest gallery I’ve put together for you.
It’s filled with stylish and romantic options perfect for capturing your love against Italy’s breathtaking backdrops. Whether you’re envisioning a shoot in the rolling hills of Tuscany, the historic streets of Rome, or the charming canals of Venice, you’ll find plenty of ideas to bring your vision to life. From elegant dresses and tailored suits to more casual yet chic looks, there’s something for every couple’s taste and the unique Italian setting you choose.

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Kind words

beautiful pictures

My boyfriend and I were amazed by the beautiful pictures Andrea took of us in Positano. We could not be happier. Not only is he lovely and a total professional, but his artistry is pure genius. We cannot wait to share all his pictures with our friends and family.

you are really gifted!

Thank you so much for the most amazing photos, you are really gifted! We could never in our wildest dreams have hoped for something like this, you really captured the magical moments of our engagement in Tuscany. Thanks to you we will always remember this day!

Choosing me as your Italian engagement photographer is about more than just finding someone to take photos! I’ll capture the essence of your relationship against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
With a focus on authenticity, emotion and the unique beauty of Italy, I’m dedicated to creating timeless images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Our adventure starts with a chat where we dive into your hopes and dreams for the shoot. It’s the perfect moment for you to share any special themes or ideas you’re excited about. Throughout our session, I’ll blend into the background, capturing those raw, heartfelt moments that truly reflect your bond, crafting images that narrate your love story in an artistic and authentic manner. I can also guide you through elegant poses to emphasize your connection if you prefer this approach.

Wear what makes you feel fantastic and true to yourselves! It’s all about comfort and showcasing your unique style. I suggest coordinating your outfits to complement each other without matching exactly. Opt for simpler patterns and avoid shiny materials to keep the focus on your shared moments. Leaving bulky items like bags at home will help you move freely and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

I’m here to offer guidance on stunning locations that could serve as the perfect backdrop for your photos, drawing from my vast experience. But, if there’s a place that holds a piece of your heart, I’d love to hear about it! Choosing a location that resonates with you both is key to capturing your genuine connection.

Securing your engagement shoot is just a message away. Drop me a line here, shoot me an email, or send a WhatsApp message. We’ll cover all the details, from dates to what you envision for the shoot, making sure everything’s set for your special day.

You can expect to lay eyes on your beautiful moments within 10-15 days following the shoot. This timeframe might slightly adjust during peak seasons, but I’ll make sure you’re not waiting too long to relive those precious memories.

Don’t worry, it’s my specialty to uncover the beauty in every couple, regardless of how photogenic you feel. My approach is all about comfort and ease, guiding you in a way that feels natural. I aim to capture those unguarded, spontaneous moments where your true selves shine, ensuring every photo reflects your genuine essence and makes you feel cherished.

Absolutely, I love capturing all expressions of love and commitment! Whether it’s a honeymoon, anniversary or just a special moment in your journey together.

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I’d love to be your engagement photographer in Italy!

Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together, capturing the magic of your love story in the heart of Italy.