Andrea Cittadini Photography - Gay Friendly photographer in Italy

Gay Friendly Photographer in Italy

I am a gay friendly photographer and over the years I have photographed many same-sex weddings. Each time is a great emotion!

Every wedding has something special that wants to be told. However, in same-sex weddings, something different and very often deeply intimate is perceived. An extra dose of happiness that fills the heart and benefits my photography.

This wedding at the Montignano Castle in Umbria is no exception. Sarah and Sofia are two girls who chose Italy for their Same-Sex wedding because this is where they met during their university studies.

“What an emotion to see you dressed as a bride, my bride! I have waited so long for this moment and now we are really living it, a dream that becomes reality! Today our great adventure begins.”

A Gay Friendly Photographer in Italy

Sarah and Sofia chose to share this moment of deep joy with a few very emotional close friends. From the preparations, they were around the two girls helping them with the preparations, celebrating with them.

The “First look” moment at the bottom of the majestic staircase of the castle was incredibly intense: the two girls hugged tightly and a few tears of joy fell.

“I always imagined this moment like this, on a green meadow among the Umbrian hills and the wind caressing your hair. Now that I am living it, it is even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. The emotion in your eyes, your voice, and that long-awaited “YES, I DO” will remain forever in my memories.”

A Same-Sex Wedding Among the Umbrian Hills

The Montignano Castle offers a wonderful view of the green Umbrian hills, and the elegant floral arrangement emphasized the colors and romantic atmosphere. The choice of the ceremony time helped me to highlight the warmth of the emotions I breathed during the ceremony, and the sun, for its part, gave us a magical and enveloping sunset.

The photographs in the wheat field are simply magical, shaded in such a special way by the lenses inspired by those created by Petzval in the mid-1800s. I am an expert in these very special lenses, totally manual. Together with my colleague and friend Alessio, I am an Ambassador of Lomography Italy and I love using the Petzval 55mm MKII in all romantic situations and during dances.

Take a few minutes to enjoy these exciting and bright photographs, you won’t regret it!

Contact me to book your photo shoot. Together, we will create memories that capture the beauty and emotion of your love. LOVE IS LOVE

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