Andrea Cittadini Photography - International Wedding Photographer of the Year

International Wedding Photographer of the Year in Engagement Photoshoots!

I’m so excited to announce that I recently won the prestigious International Wedding Photographer of the Year award for engagement photoshoots!

I’m over the moon with joy and excitement to have been chosen for such an honor. It’s a testament to my hard work, dedication, and passion for capturing the perfect engagement photos.

I would like to sincerely thank Luke, the organizer of this important contest and all the judges who worked so hard to select the winning photographs from more than 1,700 shots.
I have several international contests and know well how much energy such delicate work requires so, THANK YOU!

Finally, I would like to thank all the sponsors who made the contest materially possible!

Very special thanks go to the couples who made this possible!

Paola and Brandon first and foremost with their magical photograph in the alleys of Florence that earned first place in the “Engagement / Non wedding day” category.
Parina and Sid with their dance in the rain, also in Florence, which was among the top 15 in the “Engagement / Non wedding day” category and finally the gorgeous bride portrayed at Villa Pianciani, in Umbria, in silhouette a few moments before the ceremony in the “Solo portrait” category.

International Wedding Photographer of the Year

I’m a top Italian elopement and engagement photographer, and I’ve been shooting for more than 14 years. My approach is to capture the beauty, emotion, and romance of a couple’s special day with a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. I’m passionate about telling stories through the lens, and I love to capture the unique personalities of my clients, as well as the special moments they share.

I’m also passionate about providing an exceptional experience for my clients. This means I always strive to make sure their photos reflect the true spirit of their relationship and the special moments they’re celebrating. With my years of experience, I’m able to anticipate and capture the right moments in the right light, creating timeless and elegant photos that my clients will treasure for years to come.

I like to incorporate elements from the environment, like the trees, the sky and people who live their daily lives, so that the photos feel more connected to the setting.

This is exactly what struck the judges of this prestigious competition: two guys kissing suspended almost in a bubble of intimacy surrounded by the city of Florence, which, on the other hand, goes on with its almost indifferent life.

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