wedding photographer in umbria


In the vast universe of wedding photography, where visual spectacle and the latest post-production trends are often prioritized, my style goes against the grain. The essence of Love and the happiness that unites couples on their most important day is the common thread that ties all my shots together. My experience, enriched by nearly twenty years of activity and countless international accolades, has endowed me with the confidence that allows me to approach every situation and event with serenity and elegance. The photographs I create are not mere images! They are guardians of genuine emotions, capable of transporting you back in time to relive every smile, every tear of joy, and every loving glance. My visual narrative focuses on authenticity and sincerity, with the intention of offering you not just visually stunning memories but also deeply meaningful ones.

With me as your wedding photographer, you entrust your most precious moments to someone who looks beyond appearances, who captures emotions with the soul as well as with the lens, and who, with discretion and sensitivity, can tell the true essence of your love. Your photo shoot will become a testimony for future generations of the happiness and love that binds you, a heritage of unforgettable memories that will stand the test of time.

Every shot you will find in this gallery is an authentic fragment of life. From black and white to color, each photograph tells a special moment. Look into the eyes of the bride and groom and let yourself be moved.

You will not find bored expressions or grimaces here. In this gallery, you will meet only the beauty of artfully done reportage.