Infrared Wedding Photography Andrea Cittadini

Infrared Wedding Photography

THE ART OF THE INVISIBLE the magic of invisible light: INFRARED

My passion for infrared wedding photography stems from a constant search for new expressive modes that allow me to capture the most authentic and profound essence of each wedding.

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Infrared Photography

The aesthetics of infrared images are unmistakable and cannot be replicated by any other post-production method. What fascinates me most is the transformation of nature’s tones: plants and grass, which absorb ultraviolet light for photosynthesis, reflect infrared, appearing in photos as a bright and surreal white, as if enveloped by an imaginary snow. Water, on the other hand, retains infrared light and appears dark, rich with intense and mysterious reflections, while clouds in the sky are poetically enhanced, outlining scenarios of dreamlike beauty.

This technical choice is not random: black and white infrared photography allows me to explore visual dimensions otherwise invisible to our eye. Infrared light, abundantly emitted by the sun, finds an ideal context in weddings, where nature, light, and emotions merge uniquely.

The Wedding Day

The wedding day, an event full of emotions and dreams, becomes the perfect setting for infrared photography. In this context, a lifetime dream materializes, and the images transcend mere documentation to become testimonies of timeless enchantment.

My goal is to capture not just moments, but true fragments of a dream, where every detail contributes to creating a unique and unforgettable visual narrative.

Infrared Wedding Photography

Infrared wedding photography, with its technical challenges and its ability to reveal the invisible, is the desire to offer couples not just memories, but fragments of a shared dream. Images capable of evoking the emotions and sensations of an unforgettable day.

In every shot, I strive to convey not only what I see but most importantly what I feel: a mix of art, technique, and passion that makes infrared wedding photography a unique and unrepeatable experience, both for me and for the couples who choose to entrust me with the task of immortalizing their most beautiful day.