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Surprise proposal in Bellagio

Gardens of villa Melzi

For this photo shoot of a surprise proposal in Bellagio, I traveled more than a thousand kilometers.
It was a request at the very last moment and there wasn’t time to plan the shooting. The guys knew my job and John decided everything during the trip to Italy.

I arrived in Bellagio, on Lake Como, on a rainy day, hoping for a glimmer of light to be able to take pictures.
After doing a quick inspection of the gardens of Villa Melzi, I decided to proceed in this location with the photo shoot. I sent John a message stating the exact location where, in my opinion, some great photographs would be taken and we set a time.

I entered the gardens half an hour before the guys and I waited for their arrival. Hidden behind a structure with a good view of the area of the surprise proposal and under a pouring rain, I hoped for a little help from above, a few minutes before the arrival of the future spouses.
The rain has stopped falling and the clouds have thinned out, discovering the spectacular view that can be enjoyed from the gardens of Villa Melzi.

In a few moments, John kneeled himself for his incredulous girl and made her a marriage proposal. I watched the whole story through the lens of my camera and saw the girl fly off her umbrella to hug her future husband.
Everything went well and soon I introduced myself to the guys.

After the presentations, we took advantage of the nice weather to make an engagement photo session around the wonderful gardens of Villa Melzi.
Just the time of an hour and the rain began to fall copiously again on Lake Como.
It was an exciting yet brief photo session.

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