Vintage wedding video services


Introducing RetroFrame Memories®, the new video service that transforms your wedding into an authentic vintage memory, evoking the magic and emotion of Super 8 mm films. In my career as a photographer, I have always strived to offer something unique and personal to those who entrust me with the memories of their most special day. Today, I want to tell you about a new service I have created for you, inspired by the nostalgia and authentic beauty of Super 8 mm films that so often characterized family memories of the past. 

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• Super 8 mm style

To bring this project to life, I will use specific techniques that evoke the aesthetics of Super 8 mm films: the video will be in black and white, enriched with grain and imperfections that enhance its retro charm, accompanied by a soundtrack that evokes the atmospheres of that period, with the background hum of the projector that recalls the magic of those screenings. 

Black and White

Like the early Super 8 mm films, this video will proudly be in black and white. 

Grain and Imperfections

The early reels were not very sensitive to light and had a lot of grain and many imperfections due to amateur development. 

18 frames per second

Super 8 mm was the best format available with as many as 18 frames per second! That somewhat “jerky” video effect was precisely due to this. 

3 minutes and 12 seconds

The duration of each individual Super 8 mm reel. The video will last exactly 3 minutes and 12 seconds, as per tradition.

Behind the scenes


This service stands out profoundly from traditional wedding videos. It does not aim to evoke emotions through modern cinematic techniques but wants to be a dive into the past, a window into those moments of spontaneity and joy that often remain in the shadows but are the true soul of every celebration. It’s a kind of emotional backstage.

The Vintage Reel

Imagine being able to relive your wedding through a video that seems shot 40 years ago, with that patina of authenticity and simplicity that only old films could give. The idea was born from the desire to capture the most genuine and spontaneous moments of your day, just as our relatives did with their cameras, without the pretense of creating something overly elaborate but focusing on the beating heart of the event: true emotions.

A privileged viewpoint

My viewpoint will be the guiding thread of this journey through time. Having the privilege of being by your side in the most intimate and significant moments, the clips that will compose your Super 8 mm style film will be a faithful reflection of the essence of your day, captured with the same love and dedication that I put into photography.

A special way to relive your special day

Choose something different, a way to remember your wedding not just with photographs, but with an atmosphere, a feeling, something truly special that will become part of your love story.

I’d love to create your RetroFrame Memories!

Let’s capture the magic of your wedding day with a vintage touch, transforming your moments into timeless memories.