Let’s embark on this marvelous photographic journey together, in the heart of Italy, where each shot tells a tale of love, pure emotion, and unique moments. I live here, amidst this land rich in history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, ready to capture the magic of your special day. From Umbria to Tuscany, the serene waters of Lake Como, the romantic canals of Venice, and the stunning cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, my aim is to accompany you with discretion and sensitivity. In every corner of this beautiful country, I’ll make your most precious moments last forever.

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Destination wedding photographer in Italy

An Emotional Journey Through Memories and Smiles

Imagine flipping through an album that’s not just a collection of photographs but a real emotional journey, where each image is a visual poem, a slice of life, an unforgettable memory. This is my promise as a wedding photographer: to offer you much more than just images. I offer tangible emotions, stories of stolen glances, spontaneous smiles, and tears of joy, all captured with an artistic touch and an eye for detail.

Why Choose Me as Your Wedding Photographer?

Why entrust me with the task of immortalizing your wedding? Beyond technique and experience, I bring a deep respect for your emotions. A genuine desire to get to know you and to tell your story in an authentic and personal way. I commit to capturing the essence of your love with discretion and sensitivity and transforming it into art.

Choosing me as your photographer means opening up to a unique experience. Photography becomes a means to explore the intimacy of your love and the beauty of the happiest day of your life. Each wedding thus becomes a visual narrative, a collection of precious moments that together weave the plot of a timeless love story.

My photography doesn’t just tell a story; it evokes the atmosphere, emotions, and intimacy of a day that will remain etched in hearts forever. With me behind the lens, every wedding becomes a visual poem, a celebration of love that withstands the test of time.

Together, we will create memories that will not only live on the pages of an album but will endure over time as a tangible testament to love, joy, and the beauty of your special day. With me behind the lens, every shot becomes a piece of the wonderful story that is your love, a story that deserves to be told and remembered, always.


I’m situated in the heart of Italy, nestled between the picturesque landscapes of Umbria and Tuscany. My familiarity with these regions, with their unique and scenic aspects, is unparalleled.

While Tuscany and Umbria are my home grounds, my passion for photography takes me all across Italy and occasionally across Europe. My portfolio includes enchanting weddings in cities like Paris, Nice, Barcelona, Majorca, and Zurich, and I’ve also had the privilege of capturing high-fashion moments in Milan

 Ideally, you should reach out 12 to 8 months prior to your wedding. However, for sought-after dates, especially weekends in June, July, and September, I recommend booking even a year and a half in advance. It’s best to secure your date with me as soon as it’s set.

Booking me is straightforward. Simply submit a quote request through the “Get a quote” form on my website or provide your wedding details for contract preparation via the Wedding form page. Once I receive your request, I’ll draft your contract and email it within 24/48 hours. Your date is officially reserved once the contract is signed and the deposit is made.

 I began with a focus on pure reportage photography, but over time, I’ve woven in elements of the editorial style. My passion lies in capturing genuine emotions. For most of your wedding day, I will narrate your story through my lens with a touch of sensitivity that’s unique to my style. We will also set aside time for couple portraits, using the best natural light, captured in a more editorial manner.

Weddings are the core of my photographic journey. However, I also specialize in ancient analog photography and master alternative printing techniques from the late 1800s. I conduct workshops across Italy, collaborate with art galleries, and have personally crafted the cameras I use for creating wet collodion plates.

Absolutely! I collaborate with various professionals across Italy to offer comprehensive video services. You might also be interested in exploring my RetroFrame Memories service.

 Not at all. I’m well-versed in collaborating seamlessly with other professionals, even those I’ve not met before. For the best synergy, it’s beneficial if the videographer’s style aligns with mine.

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My approach involves working alongside a second shooter, a practice embedded in all the packages I offer. However, should the need arise, there’s also the option to engage my services solo.

Certainly! Formal group and family shots are an integral part of my services. We’ll work together to schedule the best time for these photos, and I recommend preparing a list to ensure no one is missed and the process runs smoothly.

I limit myself to no more than 25 weddings per year, along with a select few smaller engagements. This limitation is due to the unique and energy-intensive nature of my photographic style, ensuring I’m at my best for every couple.

My services are tailored to each couple, with costs varying by hours of coverage, included services, and travel distance. I offer packages ranging from 6 to 12 hours, ensuring flexibility to meet your needs.

Yes, drone photography is part of my repertoire. I bring a drone to every shoot, ready to capture aerial views as needed, always compliant with local regulations and weather permitting.

Typically, I deliver processed photos in under a month. Timing can vary based on the season, with shorter wait times for spring weddings and slightly longer for those in the fall, but never exceeding two months.

All photographs are securely uploaded to cloud galleries and shared with you through private, password-protected galleries. These high-resolution photos are easily downloadable, ensuring you have a backup for at least one year and can enjoy your memories anytime.

Absolutely! My studio partners with a renowned international lab known for creating exquisite, eco-friendly photo albums. These masterpieces are crafted with materials from renewable sources and solvent-free inks, embodying our commitment to the planet.

Capture Every Moment

Contact me to beautifully document your wedding day in Tuscany and beyond. Let’s create timeless memories together.